Dr. Peter Atherton (MB ChB, D Obst RCOG, FRCGP)


Dr. Peter Atherton qualifed in medicine in 1968 at the University of Leeds, following which he completed a short service commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps, serving in Northern Ireland and the Far East. During his tour as the medical officer tto 2/2 K.E.O. Gurkha Rifles he travelled to India and Nepal where he saw at first hand the effects and medicinal benefits of various indigenous herbs. Following his time in the army he went into general practice in Buckingham where he spent the next 25 years building up a group teaching practice.


In 1994 he was introduced to Aloe Vera by one of his patients who had used a particular Aloe Vera and bee propolis cream on her son's eczema which then cleared up in a matter of just a few weeks.


This incident surprised him because he had failed to improve the situation with conventional treatment. This episode also rekindled his interest in herbal treatments and he was soon able to embark upon a visiting research fellowship at Green College, Oxford, partly funded by the NHS. Prior to this, in 1995, he was appointed as teh medical adviser to Forever Living Products. His main area of research, at Oxford, in the Dermatology Department of the Churchill Hospital, under Professor Terence Ryan, was in the wound healing activity of Aloe Vera on chronic venous leg ulcers.


The results of his findings and related research into Aloe Vera were to change  his philosophy of medicine and even his philosophy of life. After completing his research programme the results of the leg ulcer study were published in the 'Nursing Standard' (July 1-7 1998, No 41, Vol 12).


He then returned to general practice where he remained for only one year as he became frustrated by not being able to offer, in many cases, the most appropriate treatments, which being complementary, were outside the scoope of the NHS at that time, so at the age of 54 he took eary retirement.


Shortly after, in November 1998, he was appointed to the post of Director of Tyringham Clinic, Europe's largest residential naturopathic clinic, where he was able to study and practice integrative medicine using some of the best complementary treatments and techniques that he has learned in Oxford. He left Tyringham in February 2005 to continue his work with Aloe Vera.


Dr. Atherton is an associate member of the Guild of Health Writers and is the author of three definitive books on the subjects: 'The Essential Aloe Vera, The Actions and The Evidence', 'Understanding Aloe Vera' and 'Aloe Vera, The Medicine Plant'.

Dorne Parker (IHBC, IFHB & Nutrition ITEC)


Dorne Parker qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1077 (I.H.B.C.) and managed two health and beauty salons over the course of the next eight years.


She wroked and trained with many leading international brands of face, skin and body care products and treatments in that time and also trained in laser therapy (a non-surgical form of face lift) at Harley Street.


After that she ran her own beauty, health and nutrition business for many years before being invited to join the Forever Living Products' Professional Advisory Board in 1995.


Dorne Parker hosts regular monthly training programmes for Forever Living Products on the benefits of Aloe vera and Aloe-based face and skincare products, cosmetics and nutrition, and lectures extensively on these subjects throughout the UK and Europe.


Dorne juggles the roles of beauty and nutrition advisor to Forever Living Products, lecturer, mother and horsewoman.

David Urch (BSc, MA, VetMB, MRCVS)


David Urch's first gdegree was from The University of Leeds in 1975 where he gained a BSc Hons in animal physiology and nutrtion.


This was followed by an MA in the medical sciences tripos at the University of Cambridge Vetenary School in 1980 and, in the same year becamea member of the Royal College of Vetenary Surgeons (MRCVS).


Initially, he worked in a mixed rural practice in Wells, Somerset, dealing with all types of farm and commercial animals and dogs, cats and other children's pets. It was here that he developed a keen interest in complementary medicine and a more holistic approach to healing, using both homeopathic and herbal remedies on his own patients. In 1982, he established his own pracrice in the Bristol area, specialising in small animals and horses.


David first started using Aloe Vera preparations in his pracrice after using them personally to help treat the severe migraines and back pains that he was suffering following a car accident. After three months, he noticed a significant improvement in his own condition and quality of life. Since then he hasn't looked back and has been closely invovled with increasing the awareness of the potential for using Aloe Vera preparations to help treat numerous conditions in many different types of animals.


David and his wife Ginny also run farms in the south west of England where they have cattle and sheep. They also have a small herd of shire horses with their own thoroughbred stallion and a livery yard.


In 1997, David Urch was appointed as the Vetenary Surgeon to the Forever Living Products' Professional Advisory Board.


In 1999, David Urch wrote what is undoubtedly the definitive book on the use of Aloe Vera in vetenary practice. Entitled, 'Aloe Vera - Nature's Gift', the book is a reader friendly guide to using Aloe Vera preparations to help treat numerous ailments, diseases and conditions in a wide range of animals, from the samllest pets and exotic species to farm animals and horses.